My (mis)adventures as a Small Press Publisher in Maryland. Life is fun! Get out and Play!
2 Lil Owls
Rock the Shot

Start a What?

Reading before bedtime = Happy Momma!

Reading before bedtime = Happy Momma!

Closet Creep - A Not So Scary Monster Story

Ever wonder about the monster in your closet? Is he nice or will you get a FRIGHT? One little boy finds out when his closet monster pays a visit one night! Get ready for big surprises and even bigger FUN in Candy Grant’s newest release by The Omnibus Publishing.


Great tips on travel photography!


Have you ever seen a galley? Take a peek inside Candy Grant’s debut children’s book: The Pigs Did It!

cicero, soul, room, books, knowledge

cicero, soul, room, books, knowledge

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books, community, read, library, librarian, friendship, love, author

books, community, read, library, librarian, friendship, love, author

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The units of this modular bookcase are made from recycled cardboard. Honeycomb bookcase by FormMaker.

Is This the Best $5,000 You Could Spend on Your Business?



Some executives are opting for a new brand of physical exam known as, creatively enough, the executive physical. These are far from the in-and-out check ups most of us are familiar with:

These all-day affairs cost at least 10 times as much as a regular physical and involve advanced exams…

WednesDIY: A Bookish Ornament Roundup


There are far too many awesome/adorable/nerdy bookish ornaments out there for us to pick just ONE to share with you for today’s WednesDIY, so we decided to share LOTS! Here are some of our favorites we found that are sure to feed any book- or word-lover’s holiday spirit. Happy crafting!

1. The…

For a greener backyard, take cues from leading-edge California


(BPT) - From implementing stricter standards for vehicle emissions to creating a state-level agency to administer stewardship of the environment, Californians have always been at the forefront of the green movement. That commitment to the environment even extends to local backyards,…

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